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David Sandwisch

Experience in all aspects of sound for film, tv, corporate, from preproduction to post production.

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About Me

Sound has always fascinated me from an early age and I knew it was something I wanted to explore.  I started learning audio at my parent’s church when I was in 6th grade and continued through high school.  I was very blessed that my public schools were pushing the envelope with technology in the late 80s and 90s with opportunities for audio / video electives.  I helped produce many school TV shows. After high school I attended DeAnza College and then San Francisco State University and obtained my BA in Cinema. For the last 20 + years I’ve been making videos sound better and helping people tell their stories.  I’ve worked on a wide range of projects from several student films, religious productions, corporate work for Google, Genentech, Microsoft, TV for ESPN all the way to feature films; one of which I was the supervising sound editor for that I did in conjunction with Skywalker Sound.  Sound is very powerful and necessary. It’s often the most misunderstood part of the filmmaking journey but how well you finish audio post speaks to your professionalism. I continue to work on all kinds of projects and have been blessed with many opportunities to still help students learn.


Tasks I can perform:

Dialog editing
Dialog clean-up
ADR editing
SFX editing
SFX recording
Sound Design
Foley editing
Background editing
Ambience recording
Score engineering / recording at studios
Music editing
Premixing all categories
Final mixing

Post Sound for:

Feature films
Documentaries (shorts and features)
Short films
Corporate advertising campaigns
Corporate branding videos
YouTube / Internet commercials
Anything for TV broadcast
Audio books
Website content
Radio spots
Videos for event playback

I have relationships with several studios and can leverage those for Foley recording, ADR recording, VO recording, scoring, more sound design and final mixing in high-end mix stages.  I’ve worked with Skywalker Sound on a feature.

All corporate videos can benefit from good audio post.  I do a lot of corporate projects from short YouTube commercials to TV broadcast spots and longer web series.  See some of my examples here:

No project is too small!  I also do many videos that get played at live events as well as several audio books and now am doing radio spots.  Each has its own unique mix requirements.

Please contact me to discuss your project.  I give quotes based on edited works in progress and many corporate projects can be done in less than a day.  Let me polish your film / video and take it to the next professional level.

Post-Production Sound

I can do all aspects of post audio from sound editing to final mixing for the smallest project to full length feature films.  A variety of different mixes can be done to your specs including 5.1 / 7.1 surround-sound at film calibrated levels, stereo fold downs, TV Broadcast mixes in 5.1 or stereo, DVD and Blue Ray mixes, Radio and Internet mixes etc. with stems broken out. I use the latest ProTools 12.8 HDX hardware and software from Avid with many powerful plugins – the same software and hardware used in major studios for Film and TV all over the world.  I bring my film editing and mixing knowledge to bear on all my projects whether it is a simple corporate commercial or a full length feature for theatrical release.

I can be your Supervising Sound Editor and guide you through the entire post sound process.


AMC Theaters
Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
Zip Car
Stanford University
Stanford Health



Production Sound (on location)



In addition to post I do many production sound jobs each year.  My post experience makes me uniquely informed for making sure we get the best production sound and as many usable pieces as possible given the particulars of the shoot. I have a really good idea of what is salvageable and what isn’t on set and I try to record extra things that could be helpful in post if there is time.

    I’ve done production sound for feature films, corporate commercials, audiobooks, VO on location, educational and industrial videos, documentaries, reality television etc… Contact me for rates and equipment needs.  I can provide sound packages of varying sizes including excellent gear from Sound Devices, Lectrosonics Wireless, Sennheiser booms, Comteks, Smart Slate, IFB, DPA lavs, TC boxes and more.  If you aren’t sure what you need, I can review your script or filming plan and help you figure it out.

Streaming / Live Sound

I have streamed many corporate meetings and events as the audio part of the A/V team.  I provide an internet specific mix through my digital mixer adding compression and EQ as necessary plus ambience mics.  I can take feeds from a variety of in house sound systems or work with the live PA provider to get a feed. If no feeds are available, we can come up with a micing technique to capture the event at the highest quality.  If you need a small PA system I have one that can do an audience of 200 people or so. Many times I’m doing live sound while providing the video company an internet mix for streaming as well as recording for post needs. Handheld and over the ear mics are available upon request.



VO recording on location

Does your client not have time to go to a VO studio?  While nothing beats recording in an actual voice over booth at a professional studio, if your client doesn’t have time, let me bring the studio to you!  I have done several VO sessions on location with excellent results. I bring the same high-end studio mics, preamps and recorders to your location and build a little sound booth. 

Music recording

I’ve recorded several CDs through the years on location and at studios, particularly Skywalker Sound.  I can coordinate with Skywalker Sound to use their gorgeous scoring stage and then engineer your recording there.  I can edit music and then mix it in my studio or bring it to another studio for mixing.